I don't exist! According to my phone company

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12 Years
May 4, 2007
I called Verizon today to put in an address change, well my account doesn't exist. So I called Fairpoint, the company taking over Verizon in Maine/NH and I believe Vermont, and I don't exist there either! I'm still getting service, but I don't exist.
How funny is that?

Any other Maine/NH/Vermont people have this problem? Mmm Hopefully they get their act together.
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It's tempting!
But I also have a bundle, I get DSl and Directv with my phone service. I could do without the phone and the TV but if i wake up one morning to no DSL all heck would break loose.
It would be nice to not exist to verizon. I have gotten a few collection letters on verizon. I have never dealt with verizon. They say I broke contract and owe for the phone and bill. Its quite funny I was too young on the claimed time period to even sign a contract.I guess their record keeping is no better now.
For what it's worth... I just got cable, phone and dsl through verizon, trying to save a few bucks. I asked Verizon how they could bundle it all up if they were sellin out, and they told me it wasn't final...Of course I due exist, at least at the present time!!! Angie if you don't exist, how will I get my surprise chickens from you?
What everyone wants to know is...are you still payong for your service...or is it free
? I also have Verizon they txt me at the worst times wanting to collect money.
I got a bill from Verizon the other day.
So, I must exist somewhere in their system. I actually like the Verizon bundle and I'm a bit worried about this Fairpoint (rinky little company) taking over. The merger was supposed to be Febuary 29th.

I also have Verizon they txt me at the worst times wanting to collect money.

Seriously? I've never heard of that collection tactic...why am I not surprised...

I have Verizon too and have been happy with them. Alltel, however, was a nightmare.​

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