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Hey there
Thus is my first time having chickens. I found a baby chicken and adopted him and turns out to be a rooster. I then got him a girlfriend think he would be happ with some company. That was 2 months ago. Two days ago it seems they have started to mate but the problemishes that I'm having is he seems to be harming her. There was blood on her beak today. I have separated them but I don't know what to do. I Don't Know Anyone Who Would Want Him OR Know Any Places That Would Take him.. I Don't Know What To do.....
The usual recommendation is ten hens per rooster. Sometimes you get lucky and get an exceptionally well behaved boy who doesn't cause problems with just a couple hens, but that doesn't sound like it's your case. So, you could get him 9 more hens and see if that helps. Some roosters are just brutes no matter what, but maybe with more hens and some time, your boy will become more mature and less violent.

If you can't have that many chickens and you don't want to eat him, you can try to rehome him either here or through craigslist.
Thanks so much for the help. Unfortunately I cannot Have That Many So I have To rehome him. I just don't want some one to mistreat him or do him harm. This Is Such A Hard Thing To do. Thanks again for all your help!

If there was blood on her beak, he's not harming her, it's the other way around.

A little bit of blood now and then isn't really cause for alarm. Things happen, especially with young hormonal animals. Combs get torn, a feather gets pulled out and bleeds like crazy, etc. I'd just keep an eye on them and see how things go.

Are you sure it was mating you were seeing? Are you sure the other bird is female?
No there was blood on his beak and on his face. I'm almost positive he's trying mate with her. His tail tucks under and his wings wrap around her. The only thing is she screams the whole time. I've tried separating them and he still wants her. I'm pretty sure she's a female too. But I could be wrong . This is my first time having chickens. I'll post a picture of her up maybe you can help. I appreciate everything ! Thank you so much
Hens will scream, but that is normal. My roo has his favorites, you can tell by the lack of feathers on their back. When my hens get tired if the attention, they will fight back. I call the roo's wing draping (batman wings). My one roo will chase down a hen, do the deed, and will either be knocked off by my other roo, so he can do the deed, or once roo 1 is done, roo 2 will start. Our old roo would get frisky just before going to the coop for the night, he would nail at least 5 hens before he went to bed. And the worst part was, my hubby would encourage him, he would yell out to Owl (that was our roo's name) "Go get another one!"

I would suggest more observation, before re-homing him.
I have two hens that I consider "screamers". They will allow a rooster to mate them, but they bad mouth him the entire time!

To a newbie in the chicken world it is probably a little alarming!
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