I Feel Like a Peeping Tom!


10 Years
Dec 12, 2009
Londonderry, NH
LOL I'm sitting here watching the chickens on the webcam in the coop. And listening to the egg songs. There are two in the nest boxes. Both Red Stars. One has been in one for a while. The other was in the box next door, and desperately wanted to be in the same one. Took her a while, but she finally managed and now I'm hearing more egg song! I think we may have to put up a perch across the front of the boxes. There is a lip they can sit on, but the second had a bit of a time getting into the box with the first.

But they are both out now! Time to go check for eggs!!!
I know how you feel-lol!!! I dont have a webcam,but had to build a second coop for 2 of my girls that were sick this year and very spoiled in the basement for a few months-put them in there new coop yesterday and they were looking at me last night like "this was ok but time to go back in the house with you" I was up all night worried about them and kept going out looking in there window-I think they will survive-lol!!!! Todays another day-I'll be working out there today on there landscaping and hopefully sleep tonight!!!!!

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