I feel like everything is going to h*ll in a handbasket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13 Years
Jul 8, 2010
I feel as if things are totally falling apart here!

First, my brother found out he has to have major surgery to repair or replace his mitral valve in his heart. It is damaged from the heart disease we both have (our mom died from the disease, as did her sister, two of her brothers, and mom's mother). Yesterday was the heart cath (both chambers) so they could see it better. Now they have to do a couple more tests and then the surgery. I am so scared about my brother. He is my only brother (my only sibling) and I love him so very much! Plus he was going to come down to visit for a few weeks or maybe a month or two, and now he can't. That is such a special thing for us both and we both look forward to it so much.

Thursday my knee had a flair up from the foreign object that is behind the knee and I was in super bad pain, and pretty much unable to walk on it. Had to give in and take prescription pain pills and those put me down and out till Sunday.

My horse came home from the stables he was at (for the past six months). They do full care and prefer you not come out and groom, or other stuff with your horse. They do the worming; on their schedule with their wormer. I had his yearly shots to give him and they did not want that done. They had me give them the shots and they administered them. Anyway, they brought him home Thursday evening. I did not get to really see him until Sunday. On Sunday I did some grooming and went to pick out his hooves. Oh my gosh, they were a mess!!!! Way over grown, flaking, pealing chunks, and a big deep cut/split/slice in one hoof at the coronet (going around the hoof, not up and down it). I called my farrier right away and he came out, even though it was holiday weekend. He was upset and shocked at how bad the hooves were. (he used to be the farrier out at the stables, but they let him go. no one knows why. they actually didn't tell him he was fired, they just kept delaying his weekly visits for hoof care of all/any of the horses). He trimmed off as much hoof as he could. But it is going to take work and time to get them back to what they should be cause when they are let grow too long, the quick grows out and you have to trim about every week (just a little bit) to get it to recede and go back to normal. As for the crack/split/slice: I had an equine vet come out yesterday (the earliest could get one cause of holiday weekend). She said his feet/hooves were a mess. Way too long. I told her the farrier had even just trimmed them Sunday. The hooves don't even look right for shape: Buddy came home with his hooves looking the shape of a ski jump. She cut away as the damaged hoof (the split/cracked/sliced part) and it is deep. Some infection. Keep it clean, do epsom salt soaks twice a day, etc. It is going to be a lot of work and long time to get his hooves/feet correct and back good.

Then today: I am supposed to get my shipment of baby chicks from Meyer Hatchery. Got an email from them yesterday that the chicks had been shipped express that day. They also sent a usps tracking number. Hadn't heard from my post office. So I got online to usps and tracked the chicks. It says they were "misent". I called usps. Seems that they (usps) accidentally put them on wrong carrier and sent them to Tennessee. But they (usps) will try to correct it and get the package to me as soon as possible. But they have no idea how "soon" that will be. I asked if they realized it is a package of day old baby chicks! The gal at usps seemed to not be at all concerned and just said that they will try to get them reshipped and sent to the correct address. Lets see: Troy, Missouri. The usps sent them to Memphis Tennessee. Do ya think they could get at least close to the right address this time????!!!
I pointed out once again, that it is day old baby chicks that need food and water. She once again, seemed unconcerned and said they will get here when they get here.
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I'm so sorry for all that's going wrong, right now. You and your brother are in our prayers.

Did you have a contract, detailing the care that the stable was supposed to be providing for your horse? Sounds to me like THEY should be paying for the corrective care for poor Buddy.

Hopefully, the USPS will get you your chicks in good time.

Until then, lots of
I would be screaming at the postmaster regarding that kind of attitude. Those are animals in their care for goodness sake.

I hope things improve for you.
ooh wow.. not good news at all.

Can you call anyone else at the PO about the chicks?? Make a big fuss...have them feed and water them in route?
Sorry about your brother.
Many prayers going to you and your family. Make sure you call the hatchery. They will make it right but..... poor babies.

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