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    I posted over the weekend about Nan, our 20 week old hen that couldn't walk.

    I brought her in at that time and she has been in a crate since. She was able to stand but not take more than 2 steps up until tonight. I took her out tonight to put her on a towel to see if she could walk a bit (her crate is too small to move around much) and my daughter leaned over, I don't know what happened but Nan squacked, tried to jump up, pooped and went down and has not been able to stand since. My daughter wasn't that close to her that I thought she would be on her but maybe Nan was startled and the jumping up was what injured her again.

    She just sits and makes these little cooing sounds. Kind of like crying. The thing that has me so sad, as if that weren't enough, is that Nan laid her very first egg today. It is perfect. She is a Welsummer and it is pretty light for a Welsummer egg but has beautiful dark brown speckles all over it. Right in her hospital crate.

    I think I am going to take her to the vet tomorrow if they will see her. I don't know why they wouldn't, it's money in their pocket. But if they can see her I'll have them check her out and if nothing can be done I think I'll have them put her down. I just can't cull her.

    We haven't lost a chicken yet and I just feel terrible. I'm going to give her some aspirin water now. She was kind of skittish before but now that she has been in the house I 've kind of gotten to know her and she is so sweet. She closes her eyes as soon as you start petting her. Give us some prayers for tomorrow but I don't have much hope.

    Thanks, Anne

    We are going to rehome our mean roo tomorrow and if the roo that I think did this to her doesn't change he'll be going too. This has not been a good chicken week.
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    [​IMG] poor thing
    If she will eat don't forget the ol' faithful yogurt and egg. I tell you, I am a believer in those healing foods. Best of luck and prayers for your little hen.
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    sorry to hear that, i hate to lose my hens to...maybe you could just watch her not put her down...Maybe she will pull out of it! in my past vets really dont have much to do with chickens sad but true. hope it works out:fl

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