I forgot to turn them on day 1!!!


9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
Did I ruin all my eggs? I was so preoccupied with the temp and keeping the bator closed that I forgot to turn them at all yesterday! I set them at 8:30 am and turned them for the first time @ 7:30 this morning (so 23 hours in)

Please tell me I didn't kill all my eggs.
Yeah your fine, I wouldn't give it a second thought, you can relax no harm done.

Thanks for the reassurance. I'm usually obsessive about turning, temps and humidity...gah! I can't believe I forgot something so big!!
i was reading here in that they need to be turn 3 times a day. do they go bad if i turn them every 9 hours. i dont get up on time turn them every six hours
turn and odd number of times every day, or they will be 'cooking' on the same side every night. (I turn every time I go to the room and every morning and night so 3 or 5 times a day)

Turning evens out 'cooking side' and keeps the embryo from getting stuck to one place on the shell- the hot spots or areas on an egg can cause growth problems (too fast where its hot, to slow where its cool) leading to deformities.
By turning the eggs you are excersising the embryo and you also have less chance of an embryo from sticking to the side, I think some people don't turn the eggs, or I'll seen other people post. Also, by turning the eggs 3x(or 1x) a day, the embryo doesn't sit one the same side every night.
so as long they dont stay on the same side every night they are good it is ok to turn them every 7 hours. thanks every one this is a very helpful community thanks.

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