I found a sparrow hanging by its neck


9 Years
May 14, 2010
North Edwards, CA
The sparrow was by my back door where we have a carport. The is a hole in the roof of the carport and I noticed it because I was putting something in the trash. The sparrow was still alive and flapping its wings trying to get free. Apparently it made its nest using some strings from a tarp (the string wrapped around its neck looked like it came from a blue tarp) so I took the push broom handle and let the sparrow get on it while I was trying to work free the string attached around its neck. In a couple of minutes it was free. I gave the broom stick one final fling and off the bird went flying. I guess the string is off its neck since it went flying away fast. Poor little bird.
Gosh I feel good just reading that
Bless you for caring for that creature, even though they poop all over your car probably

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