I found some DE.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickiemom9, Apr 29, 2008.

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    Apr 28, 2008
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    Hey chickie moms and dads,
    I am back with another question. I went to my feed store and they said they sell the food grade DE. I got a 40 poumd bad for $23.95. It comes out of BC Canada. It is called Red Lake Earth. It is the DE plus Montmorillonite Clay. I specifically asked at the feed store if it was food grade but when I got it home and opened the bag the stuff was a brownish red color. I immediatly called the 800 number on the bag and asked customer service if this was indeed food grade and safe to feed and use around dogs and chickens and they assured me it was. Has anyone seen or used this and do you think it safe to give to the chicks? Please answer back and let me know before I give it to the girls. Hopefully I did not make a big mistake but the gentleman I talked to said they find that the clay added has extra nutrients in it and is benefical to the chickens and pets. Thanks much. Trudy :jump
  2. That's by the makers of Stall Dry! See? http://www.wicp.com/redearth.htm

    LOVE Stall Dry. It's a mixture of DE and clay. If you want to spend less money, than just get that. It's only $13 for a 40 pound bag.
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    Never heard of brown DE but I would imagine thats where the "clay" part comes in....

    I did the same as you I went to my feed store told them what I wanted cause shipping was going to hurt me on cost and they got me the DE (just like white flour) for 25 bucks for 50lb bag.
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    Here'a an older thread about the DE you bought:


    Check out my Food Grade DE page. It show's what the bag should read if it is the right kind (Food Chemical Codex Grade).

    Here's a pic of what it looks like (click on pic for larger image):


    Will get a better pic tomorrow, once the battery for the camera is charged.

    Hope this helps!

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    Central Arkansas
    Quote:Thanks Dawn, I really appreciate your help on this, you really answered my questions on it. I did not feel comfortable using it on the chicks but I have decided I will use it in the run when they are old enough to go out and I will probably use it to dust the nest areas and poop areas but not on the food. I went on the website of shadowcreek donkeys and ordered the Perma Guard DE that is 100 % pure and I will use that on the food areas for them and for my dogs. Thanks again so much. I really like all your sites they are so informative and I will visit often. Trudy in Arkansas :jump
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    Apr 20, 2008
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    I have been doing research and calling people all day today on this stuff! IT's crazy and I learned that there IS in fact a difference between FEED grade and FOOD grade DE. Fleet farm carries the FEED grade which is indeed safe for livestock animals but NOT safe for use in your house or for human consumption. UGH!
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    I posted this question a few ago....

    I got my girls sweet PDZ for their shavings...I mixed it in and they are eating it...it is supposed to be okay...is it? Can they dust bathe in it?

    Sweet PDZ is just like stall dry and has DE in it.

    I want to make sure it is safe before I give them a dish of it to bathe in....they love their baths.
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    Make sure the DE you buy is "fresh water" DE and not "salt water"! The fresh water is used for food grade but must state "Codex Food Grade" on the package The salt water DE is the one that is used for swimming pool filtration and in sewage treatment plants. In the food grade DE you should look to see what the crystalline silica content is. In food grade, less is better. The lowest I have found researching the different manufacturers is PermaGuard Codex food grade DE with a crystalline silica content of less than one half of one percent. Hope this helps everyone. I sell the PermaGuard in one, three, five and eight pound weights if anyone is interested. You can PM me for prices if you like. ( In one of links I found, PermaGuard states the dust from their product is comparable to "road dust", as far as breathing and health hazards are concerned).
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    Another way to search for Codex Food Grade DE is to google - fossil shell flour.
  10. Guitartists

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    Mar 21, 2008
    I was so stoked! Found a resaler of PermaGuard food grade DE over in the town next to me. $29 for a 50# bag. I'm happy with that. The other 20 places I called said "What???" One place was like "You need Dietamcous Herb???" [​IMG] [​IMG] Oh well, at least I found some. Chickies love it!!!! [​IMG] I threw some on my FIL's dogs and cats too [​IMG]

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