I found this video funny

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A guy calls and asks about raising chickens.

The lady tells him that chickens are not allowed, and considered non pet animals

He asks for the law

She can't tell him that, and said she could give them a number to call on Monday to get the ordanice in regards to non pet animals and she believes that chickens are non pet animals

She gives him the city clerks number

He then asks what would happen is they see someone with chickens

She says that they get a warning and then X amount of days to remove the chickens and then if not removed the city can take the chickens.

End call

Second call

Calling to find out if he can keep chickens

Lady ask if he means live chickens, and tells him that they are not pets and you can't keep them.

he asks if there is a city ordinace.

She then then asks how many he has,

He says he is planning on getting 3 or 4

she asks again if he has chickens now


she comes back and says there are no ordanice as far as her manager states but he can't raise chickens

She says that it is a urban area and he can't raise them

He is trying to figure out the ordance and she says that she can give him a number

end call

new calls

again he explains his case

she asks him about the chickens

he asks if he can get a copy and she says it really long about 11 pages and she will fax it over to him.

She says that this deals with aniamls, cats, dogs and horses and exotic aniamls and she does not know what it says off hand.

end call

Another call

The next day he calls back and explains that he got the fax and the fax also states that there is no ordance with nothing covering chickens and he wants to know if there is any more information.

Lady fro last call said that she would be contining the research and he gets told that the lady from yesterday is not in the office.

Lady asked what was faxed to him. And he says what was faxed and the lady said that it was not what he asked for.


He is told to contact the law department and is given the extention

he was transferred and given the number

he asks who they are and how they will be able to help and told that they would be better at answering the question

next call

he asks again about keeping chickens

he gets told there is no ordance against it

he tells the lady that everyone says there is

lady tells him more then once that there is no ordance

he confirms who she is and where she works.

end call.

a bit painful to listen to as the guy is not the best communicator, please exucse spelling and grammar issues as typing while listening.
I didn;t think it was painful listening to him. He was very patient as people kept saying "no, you can't--oh,I can;t find anything specific, call this other office, they'll know."

The last one he calls, the city's law department, is very specific, and has already done the research as about a week earlier someone else had the same question.
Hummm I just thought it was interesting and thought i would share. Im kinda going thru the same thing but I already have my chicks. I got a big yard and no one knows that I have them yet . Its been 19 weeks now and no complants as far as i know
Thanks Scotty

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