I get to baby sit grandson this weekend


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
so his mommy can have a break. she is going to the lake with her inlaws and she didnt want to take him to the lake since he has a trach and she didnt want him to get over heated or exposed to mosquitos... so I am soooo excited... I love when she lets me baby sit cause no one else know how to care for him and I know everything he has been thru. . the inlaws dont even get to keep him. his great grandma is a registered nurse and even she doesnt get to watch him. I feel so special... I am so excited .. can't you tell...lol
Oh Chixie,
That sounds like a great time for you both. Normalcy was a long time coming for this little fellow.
got home from baby sitting. I had him since friday afternoon and we had an awesome time. I may get to keep him for another weekend in august

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