I Got A Pip!!!


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Nov 10, 2009
Pinnacle, NC
ok so one of my eggs has pipped and actually knocked a piece of the shell off as big as a 1/4 of a dime:weee! none of my others have piped yet but i can see dark feathers through my white shells! i took them off the turner this morning because I forgot to do it yesterday. the air bubble is at the big end of the egg i think thats where its supposed to be:idunno. should i help the chick pip or wait a lil while cause i noticed the pip at 10 this mornin:idunno.
I would keep waiting. You might be able to hear peeping, but this is the "resting up" for the big push now that the shell has an air hole. Five hours seems like an eternity but is truly not that long..........

Eggciting, huh!?
OMG i know I had to go to class and then work and jus got home! it knocked the shell piece off on its on. Some of the eggs rolled alil bit when i set them down cause the surface was un even. will it hurt anything?!?
Shhhhh, shhhhhhh, shhhhh, it'll be okay! *pat, pat, pat*

Hatching is difficult for the chick, it takes a LOT of energy. They rest up a lot, sleep a lot, in those eggs. I had a pip with no further activity at ALL for over 24 hours, in my very first hatch. (Exactly the one I didn't have ANY experience to tell me it was okay!)
No nothing cracked they jus rolled like an inch! I can see like a dark spot where the beak broke through but what about the air bubble its at the bottom of the egg and the chick peeped like in the middle bough half way up. Sorry this is my first hatch! cant you tell? lol
Congratulations! I got my first PIP this morning too while out sometime between 10am and 11am. I am trying to sit on my hands too and patiently wait it out..I heard peeping around an hour ago, but no egg rolling and none of the others have pipped yet too.

Hopefully you and I both will have fuzzies by morning

This is exciiting but nerve wrecking at the same time....!! I've been told that as long as your temp remains stable and humidity at 70% you are fine to wait it out until day 23. This is my first hatch too, so please keep in mind this is what I was told and hope it helps...come on baby birds!
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