I got my 4 Black Silkies from California.... PICS

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11 Years
Jan 31, 2008
I am sooooooo excited. I've been looking for good quality birds to breed with my splash when the blacks are old enough. I'll be sure to include pictures when they arrive. My check just needs to get to California first........ my mother forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.....
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Well, I recieved my birds on Wednesday. The one has a single comb and one has a cracked? beak, but that could have been from shipping. I contacted the breeder, and she said she's never had any single combed birds. I spent alot of money on a bird that turns out to be not showable for 4-H. I'm going to send her pictures of the single comb and see what she says.

Anyone else have advice? I'll post pictures as soon as my camera wants to start working.
Well, that is not right at all that she sent you a single comb bird. She should refund you the cost for that bird. I know how it feels to wait, and then you receive something disspointing.

How are the others you received?
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