I got my babies today!


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
Durango, CO
My babies from Meyer arrived today. 4 were DOA, but the rest seem to be thriving. This is my third year with baby chicks, but I'm as excited as I was my first year, I just love them. Here they are, will get more pics later, and maybe you guys can help me figure out what some of them are, I got the all pullet rainbow pack, along with some Black Copper Marans and some bantams.

Aww soo cute! I can't wait til tomorrow I get to pick up my chickie babies not quite so many though. The one in the middle looks neon yellow like it was sprayed with food coloring or something, but that's probably just the light altering the color right?
Adorable! That is a lot of chicks! I got 24 and I thought it was a lot - what will you have them all in one brooder? Curious what your set up will look like once they are more active and flitty in a week. Mine are 2 weeks old and I am wondering if this 3 ft x 6 ft brooder will make it another week with them.
They are so cute and tiny.

I miss that age!

I had 23 at one time all kept in a 2x4 dog crate brooder inside the house.

I moved them out to a homemade 2.5 x 5 ft pvc pipe brooder when they were about 4 weeks old.

They stayed there till the coop was mostly finished when they were 8 weeks old.

I can't wait for next Spring baby-chick time so I can do it all again!

They are in a kiddy swimming pool with a cardboard shield around it. 12 of them are going to their new home tomorrow, so there won't be that many in there. When the get a little bigger, I have a big piece of chicken wire that goes over the top. They do pretty well in there for about 5 weeks, then they will move out to thier own coop with the heat lamp. I live in the mountains, so it gets chilly here at night. On a sad note, another bantam passed away last night. I've never had them before, are they really that fragile?

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