I guess they are out for good.


9 Years
May 2, 2010
We sent our girls out to play in their playhouse today while I cleaned out their coop and did some work inside. A few hours later, it was about to rain; thunder and lightning, so I went out to grab the girls. I got Ivy, but Fluffy wouldn't let me near her and she ran away. I played chase the chicken while trying not to get hit by lightning for about 10 minutes. Gave up. Got her to run back into the playhouse, then went in to get Ivy. Put her back in the playhouse. I think they live outside now.
Once dusk comes they will come home to roost!
If not they will be easy to catch - Remember they don't see well at night and will want to roost above ground in trees or higher spots.
Well I guess I'm not the only Chicky Mommy that will be up all nite making sure the babies are okay. This is also my babies first nite out and I put the brooder lite out there this evening around 8ish o'clock when the temp dropped into the 80's from the 101 it was today. They did really well in the heat and humidity here in Southeast Texas. But I had a big Gallon of frozen water and then their other nipple waterer's with the electrolytes in it...oh yeah and a fan to circulate the air in the run. So far so good...knock on wood!!! LOL

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