I had a dream!


Poultry Snuggie
11 Years
Mar 16, 2009
onchiota NY
I had a dream last night that I put dog collars on my roos-and everytime they statred to stand tal to crow they got a little "ZAP" eventually they learned if they did that or even tried to crow they would get zapped. So they all learned through conditioning, not to crow! When I woke up, I let the troops out of their coops-and that's all I could think of as the crowing began! hmmmmmm...what do you think? Actually today is the last processing day-and 6 of them are going to go today:-( I hate to do it and some are so pretty and al but I cant feed an extra 6 when I already have roos of the same breed:-( Itired selling them-giving them away-CL-BYC-nothing worked:-(

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