I HATE MICROSOFT! (long rant)


11 Years
Oct 27, 2008
Pittsburgh, PA
I got a laptop over the summer to use in college, and it came with windows vista installed on it. now if you have vista, you know that it comes with a product key you have to enter in order to use word and excel and such. I type in the code that came with my computer... not working. type it again... still nothing. I call microsoft, they tell me that since it came preinstalled on the computer I need to call gateway because it is now their problem. I call gateway, they tell me it is because I had to call them first and register the computer. I get computer registered and they tell me to call microsoft to finish fixing the problem. call microsoft... not open. turns out they are only open on weekdays during the times when I have classes. finally talk to them. apparently this is still gateway's problem and I need to talk to them again.

I finally give up when I remember that I can get a free copy of vista and office from my university. I go to get vista from them, they give me a copy of office instead. the label with the barcode covered the name, so I didn't find out until I opened it and it was too late to exchange it. but at this point I have work I need to type up, so as long as I can have microsoft word, I'll use whatever operating system they give me. so I try to install it and guess what! THE ACCESS KEY FOR THAT ONE DOESN'T WORK EITHER!
I GIVE UP!!!!!
Get a Mac ... Have a Gateway laptop but like my Mac tower better. Rarely do I have a problem with Mac. Always have problems with Gateway/Windows, maybe Windows 7 will be better but $200 is a little steep for an OS software. Good luck !!
Sorry to hear this, but it is a common problem with microsoft that once you pay for it, and you do when you buy the computer it still costs you. Call microsoft on a weekday, tell them how disappointed you are, you will be transferred at least a couple times, but be patient. When you get to someone in customer service of authority tell them you want an install CD for XP. They will try to talk you out of this but be firm, they should send it next day free of charge. XP allows you to use many free open source programs that work as well or better than the microsoft. This is more the reason microsoft changes their operating system then security.

With XP you can have a dual boot system with linux and in windows you can install some of the same programs into windows. Open Office is a complete office package that is free but will not load in Vista and you cannot have dual boot with Vista. Microsoft did this intentionally.

When you talk to microsoft do not mention you wanting XP to use outside software, just that you are disappointed with Vista. When I called I told them I wanted my money back for the OS and was going to install unix in it's place, I had the new XP cd at my door the next day.
Agree. I have a Mac. I love it.

No Microsoft allowed in this house. It requires too much of my husband's time to keep it running.

Good luck.
I seriously considered getting a mac, but they are very expensive, whereas my computer has a core 2 duo processor, good memory, etc., and only cost me a little over $500 as opposed to the $1000 I would have spent for a mac. I'm starting to regret that decision. sigh.
I believe you can install mac OS on your puter, I have not looked at the cost, but microsoft must reimburse you for the vista OS if you do. I think you will get back from Microsoft something like $150. This was part of the results of the gov charges of violating federal laws somewhere, not many people are aware they can get a refund by deactivating microsoft.
I was very lucky. I got an excellent computer from a man who rebuilds computers. At the time, I was addicted to the game OBlivion so he made certain that I had all the requirments on this computer to play. He also told me NOT to get vista. The entire computer only cost 600 dollars which I thought was great.

He is located in Penn, if anyone wants to use him.
I had the computer shipped to me.

My hubby has Vista on his computer and it is annoying.
Oh, I feel for you. When we bought my laptop a couple of years ago, we had no idea what a problem Vista was going to be. The first thing that happened? I get home and discover that our ISP wouldn't function with it and had no intention of doing anything about it. Bye-bye, ISP. I hope you get it worked out.

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