I have a 16 year old male domestic goose


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Feb 5, 2014
My gander has a pretty embarrassing issue going on with his private parts. They seem to be hanging out and he just acts like doesn't feel well. I'm attaching a picture as well. He also holds his wing down sometimes. Any thoughts on what I can do?
Penis prolapse can occur, but you'd need to investigate closer to see what has actually prolapsed there. Is it bowel or reproductive organs? If he's drooping the wing, and the drooping began at the same time as you noticed the prolapse, perhaps as some geese do, he had an active night and smashed himself into something and has damaged himself internally?

A lifetime of eating cooked oils like those in pellets, rather than raw ones like those in unprocessed foods, also contributes to prolapse, as the strength and flexibility of the internal membranes etc depends in large part on the quality of the oils/fatty acids etc the animal is being fed; this is why hens not given raw oils commonly prolapse, but hens given raw oils (like cold pressed olive oil) basically never prolapse.

This is because those whose diets provide only cooked oils have stiffer mucosal membranes and cardiovascular systems. (This is the very same reason they tend to have heart attacks too).

That said, there are some quite high quality diets out there, and not all pellets are created equal. If you've been using price as a guide to determining the animal's nutrition, using only the cheapest pellets to feed him, his health would also be lower grade than if you'd been using better quality ones. Some animals also cope better than others on the same diet. But some breeds are made to die young, and while geese can live a long time, if he's a meat breed for example, he may have gone well past his expected 'use by' date and may be physically more aged than a non-meat-breed the same age.

Once you know what sort of prolapse has occurred you can treat it. Disinfecting it would be a good start no matter what sort it is, just with something gentle (not hydrogen peroxide for example).

Best wishes.

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