I have a chick that cant walk


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
Highlands, Scotland
Hi, I have 2 day old chick that hasn't learnt to walk yet, I think it had a bit of a splayed leg so put a hobble on it and it doesn't make a difference. Its hard to describe how it moves, it basically puts all its weight on its haunches and kind of waddles, using its wings like front legs?
At about 1 week I noticed a chick that could not walk (I think she could initially but then degenerated). She would only sit on her haunches and could not put any weight on her feet if I tried to get her to stand. I saw some people saying that this can be caused by a vitamin deficiency so by the recommendation of many people on this forum, I bought some Poly-Vi-Sol (without iron) baby vitamins made by Enfamil. I made sure the chick was getting food and water since she could not walk and hand fed the vitamins to her. After a day or two the chick started to try taking steps and after about a week she was up and walking normally-ish with the rest of the chicks. Eventually she was completely back to normal and I weened her off the vitamins.

When she started trying to walk again she didn't have any strength in her toes yet and they were curling under so we bought some self adherent bandage wrap and cut it into strips and wrapped her toes, feet, and ankles so that her toes would stay straight.

You should research vitamin deficiencies in chicks and see if your chicks symptoms match with that issue. I hope your chick gets better!
A couple of deficiencies that stood out to me have eggs as a natural source for hens. Should I feed it raw or boiled and just the yolk or the white as well? :)

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