I have a dog fight emergency. Please help.


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Zoey was inside cleaning up the dinner mess and my inlaws came back. The door was left open and Zoey ran out after Cheyenne. They had a pretty nasty fight. Chey tore her front paw's pad apart and has a few minor nicks. I washed them out with rubbing alcohol because it was all I had. Zoey looks like hell. She has a few huge gashes down her forearm. I think they may need stitches. I've got her wrapped in gauze and also washed her down with rubbing alcohol.
Now, here's my problem. I am broker than hell this week and I have no transportation TO the vet. She doesn't do house calls OR payments. (been there).

So, I have fishing line and super glue. I'm a good seamstress. What can I do for Zo's arm?

Don't leave anything negative, because I really don't need that sh*t right now.
Well, I was thinking you could maybe super glue it shut. Zoey is a dog right? Maybe a vet would allow payments? Sorry you are having such a rough week. I hope it all works out for you.
I really wouldn't advise just suturing up a bite wound_abscesses. Don't use rubbing alcohol either it stings like hell and cause other problems in a gapping wound. I would at least advise using furicin or or a triple ab ointment on wounds and loosely bandaging and cleaning them with soap and water. oral antibiotics are warranted in bites. Talk to your vet about holding checks we do.
I am so sorry. I would just keep them clean and try using some type of tape and pull the cut's together and tape it. Keeping them clean is the main the thing you need to do right now. I really do not think there is any thing to do for the paw pad!
If you can shave the area. Rinse with clean, cooled boiled water. Alcohol is very hard on the tissue. Either butterfly or wrap over gauze with neosporin. Check daily for infection. I used to work for a country vet and that is how I've treated my dogs. Good luck.

I've worked at a very busy animal shelter for a while now and this is a common injury for us to see.

If you shut the wound up you could be closing in germs and cause a horrible infection.

It's a bite wound meaning it's normally deep and has a great chance of getting infected. (at the vet they could sew up the dog with drain tube in the wound if it's deep)

Do everything you can to stop the bleeding. And to keep the dog calm. Wrap the wound tight but not to tight (don't want to cut of circulation to the toes) Chance the wrapping once a day. (wrap the wound with white gauze)

If you can shave around the wound with out further hurting the dog, it's a good idea. It will help keep the wound cleaner.

You can use neosporin or smaller cuts and scratches but avoid it on the larger ones.

It might be a good idea to crate the dog to limit movement and make sure they are not licking/chewing at the wound.

Call around to see if you can find another vet that does payment plans your dog need medical attention. This is a big deal. You dog could loose it's leg if it becomes infected.

Good luck.
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The last e-mail is as accurate as your gonna get ( from the shelter worker ) BUT coming from a dog warden, IF this is ignored when she needs to see a vet, and someone finds out, your dog could be taken away, and/or charges filed against you for neglect. So be careful. If it comes to it, your best option may be to surrender her to a resuce or shelter so she can get the treatment needed.
Just be careful, I'm not trying to be negative, just realisitic.

Good luck
I've contacted 2 emergency centers and our vet. None are willing to do payments. Our vet advised keeping it clean and wrapped. If they do not see her soon, they will not stitch her. The wounds aren't that deep, they've stopped bleeding. I will take pictures if I can. I was just scared after it happened. That was the scariest thing I've ever seen. Zoey is limping, Chey is limping, but other than that, they seem to be in very high spirits.

Thank you to everyone who responded. Loosing the dog or her arm was my worst fear, I'm glad to see it was addressed.

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Dog have a very high pain tolerance they may seem fine when they are really in pain.

Watch for heavy panting, constant licking of the lips or pacing these are some signs of pain.

Keep an eye on the color of your dogs tongue and gums, is they are darker then normal your dog could be in shock or extreme pain.

Call your local shelter or Human society they might be able to help you out as well.

The other person is right is saying that you could have your dogs taken away from you if they go untreated. It's animal cruelty even if you mean well.

You have to think of what's best for the animal in the situation.

Hope everything works out.
You need to go to your local feed store and get some penicillian, and be prepared to medicate for infection. If the tooth penetrated the lining of the bone, the dog could develop a bone infection, in the very least, your dog is at risk for other nasty infections. When my Fergus got into it with my hound dog, Earl, he got a gnarly infection in his leg, and it cost me $385, that I could ill afford, to get him cured. He was on Cephalexin 500 mgs,(a human antibiotic) 3 times a day for 2 weeks, but then Fergus is a 160 lb Mastiff, so if your dog was lighter, you might not have to pay so much, but thus I digress, the meds were expensive and we had to give him Prevacid as well to keep him from barfing them back up!

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