I have a few questions....


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Merrimack NH
I want to hatch out chickens in the spring... I currently have 2 coops with one big run divide in the middle.

In the big coop and run i have

11 NHR hens
1 partridge rock hen
8 EE hens
and 2 EE roos...

What would a EE roo X NH red chicken look like and traits? would it lay colored eggs would it look like an ee but lay like a red?

In coop 2 i have

1 EE hen
3 NHR hens
6 Plymouth rock hens
and 1 Plymouth rock Roo..

What would a plymouth roo X NH red hen look like and traits would it have, as well as an EE hen X plymouth roo?

the reason they are separated is the plymouth was getting beat up by the EE's

as you can see it got nasty, that was 3 days after i noticed a little bit of scabbing on his comb.

the hen's that are with the plymouth rock are his hens, when i moved him into the other coop and i opened the door those hens followed him and everyone else stayed int he big run with no interest to go in.


We are going to be hatching all the pure plymouth eggs for our meat birds and then we want to find the perfect mix for layers....

what is the best mix?

thanks for the help if you can if not it's fine.
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There is no telling what you will get by crossbreeding the Easter Egger with the other hens. The Easter Egger, being a cross itself, is carrying all sorts of genes. You will get a colorful mix of birds that may or may not have inherited the colored egg genes and the beard from your rooster.

If you breed the barred rooster to red and barred hens, the chicks will all be barred. With the Easter Egger hens...who knows? They have a habit of throwing all kinds of crazy colors.

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