I have a miniature silkie... I mean REALLY TINY!


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Louisville Kentucky
I have 5 Silkies right now, and 3 are still only around 10 months old, and in those three I hatched them all out together. And the first one who hatched was so tiny. I mean this baby chick was the size of a button quail baby. I didn't think she would make it, by the time she dried and fluffed out she looked about the size of a Game chick and that was all her fuzz. Then her two sisters hatched out the next day and they where HUGE compared to her. But she still kinda bossed them around in the brooder. So I figured if the chick was going to make it she may need some special treatment but no, she was just fine. So now she's all grown up... well kind of. And she less than half of the size of all my other Silkies, she looks half their size because she is EXTREMELY fuzzy compared to the others but she is indeed even smaller than she appears. I know her smallness is a birth defect, but she seems to be just fine she's perfectly healthy just tiny.

Any way she's about the size of a Serama hen I would say, So I'm asking does any one think it's safe to breed her? I mean she is a fighter and she is unbelievable cute. But I'm a little worried her babies may be too tiny to make it, but then again she had no problem at all. In fact she's queen bee in the Silkie pen.

I will update with some pictures soon, I need some to help me hold her still for them lol.
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I know right ?!? Me too!!!! I will take a pic of two that were hatched with in the hour of each other. My one silkie is 2 weeks old and is still the size of a serama, maybe a touch small actually. Seems to surviving. But I have to keep it with the baby seramas so it does not get run over by his brothers and sisters.
The first is silkie, 2nd is a silkie born the same day and third is a serama born the same day.


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