I have a question about bantam breeds.

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    I have a flock of about 27, well they aren't all mixed yet but will be shortly. I have one rooster to look over after them, the hatchery did a good job and out of 16 ordered chicks 0 males, better than the local feed stores. Anyways I was considering getting another rooster and was wondering a couple things:

    1) Is having a bantam and LF rooster watch over the same flock bad? My rooster is fairly timid, occasionally gets tough, but overall pretty calm.

    2) Is there such a thing as a golden phoenix bantam? I was under the impression all LF breeds could be bantam but I'm not sure.

    Thank you.


  2. Hope this can help:
    1) No. Banny roosters and LF roosters very seldom fight physically (unless you get a gamecock), but often, there is alot more crowing!(Verbal fighting!)
    2) Yes there is a Phoenix bantam, and no, not all LF breeds have bantams, and likewise, not all bantams have LF counterparts (these are called True Bantams)
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    bantam and large fowl roos can be kept together as long as the breeds chosen are not game. they will fight to decide who is alpha and then it is usually over(that's my experiance). it may not go so smooth if they were not raised together and also depending on the breeds, although many times it's alright. and yes, golden pheonix bantams exist.
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