I have a question about Easter Eggers!!

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  1. I just hatched out some Easter Egger crosses and I was wondering since their father is an Easter Egger and their mothers are Plymouth Barred Rocks, Red Sex-Link, Black Sex-Link, Buff Orpington cross, Welsummer and Old English Game, will the girls lay colored eggs? Or will they lay olive eggs?
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    Most likely OE.
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    It depends on genetics and the luck of the draw. Easter eggers are crosses. You don’t know exactly what genes you are playing with. Since roosters don’t lay eggs, you really can’t tell about what egg genetics he will pass on.

    There are three different possible outcomes. If he is pure for the blue egg gene, which means both genes at that gene pair are blue egg genes, all his daughters will lay green eggs with those hens.

    If he is split for the blue egg gene, with one of the genes at that gene pair being the blue and the other being white, about half his daughters will lay green eggs.

    If he does not have any copies of the blue egg gene, where both are white, none of his daughters will lay blue or green eggs from those hens.

    If any of them do lay green eggs, with those hens you will probably get a fairly wide range of shades of green.

    If the rooster has a pea comb, the odds are really good he has at least one blue egg gene to pass on. That’s not an absolute guarantee but I would really like your odds if he has a pea comb. Good luck!
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  4. He has a pea comb. The woman that sold him to me as a chick said he was an ' americauna' or 'araucana'. What ever that is. I'm new to the chicken thing and I'm just now learning about Easter Eggers.

    Here is dad.
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    Your rooster is an Easter Egger, not an Ameraucana. No one can say for sure, you'll probably get mostly birds that lay green eggs, but not olive green. Depending on his genetics you might get some brown/cream egg layers also.
  6. Ok that's what I was wondering thank you!! Here are his babies. They seem to be auto sexing. The boys are turning out white and the girls black. Why is that? [​IMG]
  7. Only the chicks from the barred rock hens will be sexable at birth.

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    Looks like he is probably pure for silver. Silver is dominant over gold. Or let's just say he has some silver. With two yellow chicks it's hard to be sure if he is pure or split.

    The black ones are from the barred rock (pure for extended black) or possibly from the black sex links (probably split for extended black, though not sure)

    The yellow ones are coming from your red sex links, Orpington, Welsummer, game and maybe black sex links, depending if those are pure or split for extended black. The reason they are yellow is because the rooster’s silver is dominating the gold from the hens.

    The colors are not yellow or black because of sex. If you have some black ones with a light spot on their head, those are probably black sex link males out of your barred rock. But the black ones without a spot could be either pullets from the barred rock or could be of either sex from the black sex link.
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  9. I sexed them. The black ones are girls and the yellow ones are boys
  10. How did you sex them ?

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