I have a sick chicken...help please?

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  1. She is sneezing and her breathing is raspy. She is foraging nicely and seems to be doing fine otherwise. She'll be a year old April 5th. I've never had a sick chicken. There is a TSC near where I live. Any recommendations on what I can get from them to help her??


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    Apr 15, 2009
    Any discharge from the eyes or nose? Any new birds brought in lately?
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    Mar 3, 2011
    For now best to isolate from other chickens. If others become infected consider sending to a lab for necropsy.
  4. BirdyMe

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    I'm not sure if TSC sells it, but for respiratory issues, I usually give my birds Duramicyn. Top it off with an electrolyte supplement, to perk her up a little.

  5. Thank you for the information. It seemed the day that I posted this that she was getting better. She had stopped sneezing and again was breathing with a closed beak. I decided to give it a couple days to see what happens. She has gotten worse. She sounds like a goose. She is still full of spit and vinegar and enjoying her free ranging, happily scratching and pecking. I'm going to TSC today to get some Druamicyn. I called and they do indeed have it. She does not have any weeping from her eyes or nose. She sounds like she has an upper respiratory infection. Hopefully the Druamicn will do the trick. How long should I give it to her for?
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    There are instructions on the back of the packet. :) Since she's gotten so much worse, I would really recommend an electrolyte and vitamin supplement as well.

    I hope she gets better!!

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