I have a yellow BCM! Update

The Point

10 Years
Dec 30, 2009
I just got done hatching my first batch of shipped eggs. Imagine my suprise when I woke up this morning with a yellow chick in the bator. I guess thats what I get for buying eggs from ebay! So who on BYC has breeding quality BCM and would be willing to educate me on the breed.
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ah the e-bay Marans. There are a few threads about people getting Marans eggs from e-bay sellers and not hatching out pure Marans. If you do a few searches you might be able to see if you bought from the same seller.
Your yellow surprise is a Wheaten Marans - It sometimes happens in Wade Jeanne (and I hear Bev Davis too) lines. It is because Black Coppers were actually made with the combination of Wheaten and Birchen, so the Wheaten occasionally still leaks through.
Have you seen the Marans thread in the "Breeds, Genetics & Showing" forum. There has been some discussion of this lately.

I just hatched two of those Wheaties last week, out of 7 eggs. Personally, I'm thrilled with that because I love the Wheatie Marans and this saved me money!

Now I have another two dozen eggs coming on Monday from the same source as the previous seven...hoping for some more of those little cuties.

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