I have an interesting little genetic throwback going on...what is it?

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    I have a mixed breed flock and have let a broody hatch some chicks from various eggs throughout the flock. I have/had three roos at the time of breeding....a RIR, a Part. Rock, and a Blue Orpington. My girls are Black Stars, NHR, WR, Doms, Buff Orps and a few mixed breeds.

    My question is this:

    Two of the chicks are extremely large hens and seem to descend from the Blue Orp, as he is enormous and his offspring all follow his lead. One of the chicks is almost all black with a few white flecks on the wing tips....but she has a black comb, wattles, beak and legs!

    I must admit that I've never seen a breed with black comb and wattles and was wondering what could be in her bloodlines that would produce this characteristic?
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    If the skin on body is normal(check under wing), it has "gypsy face".. not a rare thing and likely to lose it as it matures.

    Sumatras are a well known example of a breed requiring gypsy face, but it is common and widespread through other breeds and no real surprise it shows up. Think of it being hidden in some of the birds as some colors/genes will repress skin pigmentation.. letting it show up in a cross when the 'repressor' genes are not present to allow gypsy face to show up clearly on a chick.
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    There are some with a black comb and wattles. I have seen them on feathersite.
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    Quote:Interesting! I will check her skin under the wings. Gypsy face...never heard of it! I think she is kind of pretty like this, so I hope it stays. Her sibs~not true sibs~ have normal size and color combs and wattles, but hers are a bit understated for her size.

    Becky, I will look up this feathersite thingy and see if she resembles anyone! Thanks!

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