I have chickens for sale in Odebolt, Iowa


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Sep 20, 2008
Odebolt, Iowa
I have lots of black australorps and several mixed breed egg layers.

I am keeping about 10 to 12 chickens, but the rest of my nearly 150 birds need to go.

Anyone wanting any? $5 a bird.

They look a little rough right now. Some are molting, etc., but they are sure good egg layers. I have getting several dozen a day. We are trying to cut way down on critters before winter.
I don't know how well these old birds would take to shipping. I don't have crates, etc either, so I think it would be better for pick up only. I am sorry.
That's ok. My friend has been looking for Black Australorp hens all summer long. I dont think she will want to pick up. LOL
I am sure you will have no problem selling them. Thank you.
There are white leghorns crossed with partridge cochins, and just a hodge podge. When I started I just had a bunch of mixed up chickens I bought from someone and as the have died out I have just hatched more from their eggs since they are good layers, mostly brown egg layers, but some of the leghorns are still in there and their eggs are white.

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