I have chickens that lay eggs with no shell.

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  1. I have chickens that lay eggs with no shell. 5 Backyard chickens
    I just bought them a few weeks old right before winter. They started laying in March. Not to much. Then it seemed like one of the chickens started laying a egg with no shell. Then it slowly spread to what now seems to be all of them. Egg production is one to 2 eggs a day. They all seem very healthy and have nice red combs. Yesterday I got one egg. Today I got two both with rough shells and two with no shells. I have increased their protein and give them extra oyster shells in their food with no results. Please help.
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    I would keep an extra dish of only oyster shell out for them...if they need it, they will find it and eat it. Sometimes mine just stand near the oyster shell and eat it like it's food. We're feeding Purina Flockraiser (no added calcium) so I know mine need it.

    You didn't mention what you were feeding them, so one other possible option might be to give them a good layer feed that already has calcium in it (in addition to the dish of oyster shell).

    Keep us all posted and be aware that it may take some time - that won't cure itself overnight!
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    JUST BECAUSE YOU GAVE THEM OYSTER SHELLS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THEY ATE IT. Keep giving them the shell mixed with their food. This is a way for them to eat more of the shells. Are you using layer feed. ? That in itself should provide enough calcium for good eggshells . If you are using feed other than layer, it is still fine as long as they eat enough of the oyster shell to provide their calcium needs. Since it is occurring with multiple chickens, I think it is calcium deficiency.

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  4. I am feeding the a high protein organic grower feed that I add extra oysters shells in and I also have another dish of just oyster shells for them.
    The only thing I have seen like this online so far is called egg drop syndrome. I am hoping that is not likely.
  5. And thanks for the nice welcome too. Glad to be here!!
  6. Just two eggs today and I found some wet egg without shell in the coop.
  7. Well. Three eggs and no eggs without a shell. Maybe all the extra oystershell is starting to pay off.

    The runt of my flock has a weeping eye that it keeps closed. It was staying by itself but with some encouragement it has joined the others again.[​IMG]
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  8. Had three eggs then 0 then 2 then 0. Aren't I suppose to be getting 3-4 eggs from 5 chickens that are over 6 months?
  9. Now three all brown even though I have three Araucana one Barred Rock and one Rhode Island Red.
  10. Ok. I once again got two brown eggs. The only green egg had basically no shell. The three Araucana are basically worthless.
    Anyone? Please?

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