I have some d'Uccle's & some mixed Serama's


6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
I've tried, tried, and tried advertising these babies for a couple of weeks and no one will buy them. My coop is overflowing and I need to find these precious lil' ones another home. I've been working with the d'Uccle babies and they are becoming more friendly & cuddlier every day. The Serama babies have Silkie in them too - they will be more Serama in size so they will be small.

I live in the FL panhandle, Calhoun County.

What cuties!! They are beautiful and I would love to take them, they are breed I have been looking for but I am in California =(

If you are willing to ship please let me know. Good luck, I'm surprised no one snatched them up!!
Awww shoot I found them a home finally last night (and not through Craigslist!) - I'm sorry! I've never tried the shipping thing, it makes me worry - I'd be climbing the walls with anxiety and wouldn't be able to sleep until I knew they made it to their destination safely LOL
I am really glad you found them good homes. I know what you mean about shipping and you saved me from myself, I actually thought about making my October vacation a trip to Disney World and picking up choucks! Thanks for the quick reply and have a great day. =)
LOL, I live no where near Disney World! You would have just had to settle for a fishing & beach vacation!!!
I'd be all good with that. I love to fish but have never done it there and your beaches are so different than ours, we're on the Mendocino Coast with rochy shores and giant redwoods. If you ever get out this way give a shout.

I figured you would be! And I'm just not sure about getting too close to earthquake territory LOL If I ever to though I'll let ya know!

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