I have some

rancher hicks

Free Ranging
13 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Syracuse, NY
I have some Del hens with white legs. Is it possible that they are just faded? I have read something to this affect.
Also some of the chicks I hatched had greenish legs. Would these turn yellow like the standard calls for? Should I dump the white legged hens? The roo has yellow as do a couple of the 4 hens I got with him.

Dustin Biery

12 Years
Feb 4, 2007
Mulberry, Arkansas
A yellow legged hen can look like a white legged hen at the end of the season if they have a high production rate. Their bodies pull the yellow pigmentation from their leg for coloring of the yolks. As they lay more, the color in their shanks should lessen

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