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    So I was raising Quail and BCM for a while. I have been fairly successful as far as breeding, and hatching but I always get attacked. I stopped raising them because I was always loosing them to coons, and a fox? I dug into the ground and they always find away in. the only thing I have not done was completely enclose the flock I had. I didn't want to do that because here in alabama it can get hot and I want them to be cool and as natural as possible. How do you keep yours safe? Also I have had problems with snakes getting in with my quail. Is there anything that keeps snakes at bay?
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    You can enclose them in a secure manner and still allow access to fresh air and a "natural" setting. What wire have you been using? When you say you "dug into the ground" - are you talking about installing an "anti-dig skirt" of wire around the perimeter? If so, what type of wire did you use and how far out did you run your skirt? For security purposes, 1/2 inch hardware cloth is the best wire option - other wires commonly used such as poultry netting or larger opening heavier wire allows for the sort of issues you have seen with predation. Even if an animal can't get through the wire entirely (which you'd be surprised at the small spaces the most common predators can squeeze through) openings larger than 1/2 inch allow for the reaching in of paws which can snag, rip apart and drag out birds piece by piece. If you explain a bit more about the enclosure you were using we can help you identify ways in which you can improve on the security and prevent future losses.
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    Yes, I used 1/2x1/2 wire. Ran the wire 6-7" below. ground and covered it back up.. once that failed I ran a few wooden fence planks up. The whatever it was would climb up the side and pry the wire away from the top corner and get in. my chickens I think it was 1'x1' netting. had over 12 bitties in there and it was also broken into from the top and it killed all but 1 or 2. my brooder had a tarp top on it and the same thing climbed on top and I guess scratched its way in.
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    thats the breeding pin I did. But it got up in the larger section then got on top of the smaller pins and went through one pin after the next. I ended up releasing the rest because i didnt want them to be sitting ducks. I want to get back at doing it this year and I know I will be using wire instead of netting.
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    You need to secure all edges of the 1/2" mesh so they can't pry it back, lots of screws with washers......or cover it with a strip if wood screwed down.
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    I used to raise quail, but no longer raise them because of the feed cost. Anyway, the rats can't get to the feed so they end up attacked and kill my quails by grabbed them from outside. You can set trap to get rid of the pest.
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    For mice? Definiatley use a 5 gal bucket trap and you will be much more successful than using snap traps
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    I will try that this year. Thank you

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