I have two barred rocks that I think are roosters


Jul 29, 2016
We got 4 barred rocks about 2-3 months ago and we thought they were all hens. We already have one rooster that is very friendly to us but he has been chasing these two certain barred rocks recently. One of them has always been bigger than everyone else and her tail feathers are really growing, the other one is a bit smaller but her tail feathers are growing.This morning I heard one of them crow multiple times. Here is a picture of both of them.
I'm not sure how old he is... We bought them from a chicken auction about 2 months ago. Here is the picture of the other one
Hi, welcome to BYC!

I hate when that happens. I have an EE I am pretty sure is a cockerel as well. Hatcheries aren't 100% on their sexing.

So far trying to get tinted eggs that makes 2 Lavender Ameraucana (straight run from breeder) roosters and 1 EE. Girls I have left are 3 EE and who's to say if their eggs will even be a different color than brown. Both of the Ameraucana cockerels are good so far. Probably keep them in my egg house with my hatchery stock layers unless they turn into jerks.

I have breeders as well. I am going to have to decide which one or 2 out of 3 Swedish Flower cockerels to keep.

I am glad to hear you have a roo you like. Mine are still growing up. Oldest is 15 weeks old and I haven't heard a crow yet!

I have 3 BR. 1 started laying at exactly 20 weeks which was July 3rd. They are confused about the egg song though. 1 sings on the way into the box but not after and another doesn't sing at all.

Best wishes!

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