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    Jul 21, 2011
    I have had chickens before, but the last time, about 4 years ago, I got six hens from the feed store. This time, the six "pullet" chicks turned out to be 5 hens and a rooster. I was wondering why that one pullet was so much larger and had such well-developed comb and wattles, but when he started to crow, I had the answer. I was just about to invite the fellow to dinner this week, but yesterday I was forced to change my plans. I took the chickens some scraps from our dinner, we had some grilled salmon. The rooster, who doesn't yet have a name, but that's coming, came over first, and started clucking loudly, then he kept picking up fish scraps and then dropping them, picking them up, and dropping, all while clucking loudly. Some of you who have had roosters before maybe recognize this behaviour, but it took me a while before I realized what was going on. He was calling his hens to dinner. All the hens got some before he ate any. That did me in, for sure. He was taking good care of his hens. I have read before, that a good rooster will protect the flock from predators, but I did not know to what extent he will take care of "his girls." So, even though the chicken ordinance doesn't allow roosters in our town, he is going to stay unless I get a notice from the city.

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    Well done you [​IMG] Sounds like you got a nice roo. Sometimes when they sex chicks one or two end up in the wrong box. That's why you got your boy. I once bought a box full of day old male chicks and got one hen.
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    He got ya didn't he? [​IMG]
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    Hi and [​IMG] Keep us posted as to how he is doing! Sounds like a great little guy! [​IMG]

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    I'm in the same situation with our rooster. He was an "accident"...but he consistently digs up grubs and other treats for the hens.

    Just make sure you give your neighbors plenty of eggs for putting up with him and all should be fine [​IMG]
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    We got a rooster at the same time as our layers - all adopted from our neighbor who was having space issues. On their first night in the coop, the poor scared hens were lined up breast to breast and the rooster was on guard just about a foot in front of them.

    Our neighbor is an 85yo salty dawg who has been raising chickens for years, and says that a good rooster will help keep peace in the hen house. When we introduced another three hens to the flock, he did just that - protecting the new girls from a couple of the more aggressive hens. Now everyone seems to be getting along just fine. Also, I love when he hops up on one of the roosting poles, crows loud and proud, and then hops off and does his little happy rooster dance.
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    hope it works out for you! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Awww! Congratulations to your roo for being added to your family. [​IMG] The idea of plying your neighbors with wonderful, fresh eggs is a good one. Also, if you can let the chickens out of their coop a little later in the morning, he'll either crow in the coop (which might muffle his crows depending on how your coop is built) or when you let them out, he'll crow then. If no one complains, the town won't find out about him.
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    Awesome! I hope this behavior continues!

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