I just found a stray chicken!! 😍


Not that I now of. We are pretty rural. No giant barns or any warehouses that could be a factory. Who knows though :confused: She was VERY skinny with an empty crop when I first caught her so I wouldn't be surprised if she's been on her own for a while.
I wonder if Daisy and another of your girls had a secret clutch a couple months ago? Do u have a Roo? Either way, I'd call her Angel.

Lacy Duckwing

Nov 6, 2017
My Coop
A little backstory. I just had to have my Pearl White Leghorn (5 years old) put down. She wasn't doing well and I didn't think anything could be done. She was bad off. (Yes, she's the one in my avatar 😞). Her name was Daisy. Anyways, I was out doing chores this evening and spotted a white bird in one of the trees lining the enclosure. I thought it was one of our young turkeys at first but soon realized it wasn't! I was super excited when I saw it was not only a pullet, but also a Pearl White Leghorn!!!! 🤗😍 It was hard to catch her bc she kept flying up higher but I finally did. I offered food and water but she was too preoccupied to take it. She seems healthy although very skinny and dirty. Her comb is pretty pale. She looks to be about 7-8 weeks old. Yay!! A little gift from Heaven ❤ p.s. I did text all the neighbors just in case but no one has replied yet.
Wow! I've had this happen to me too! I lost a hen, then suddenly one comes out of nowhere! Sparkles is one of those. I had just lost Patti the Buff Comet, who was an older hen, that I had just lost, when Sparkles appeared one night wanting to roost with another one of my hens named Vienna. Not only did Sparkles replace an older hen, but she was the same age of some hens that I got to take the place of the Buff Comets when they retired! Here is a picture of Sparkles shortly after I found her:


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