I just have to say . . .


Bird of A Different Feather
11 Years
Dec 20, 2008
Boise, Idaho

deed was recorded today . . . It's ours!!!!

5.5 acres overlooking the river . . . how's that for a meat bird set up??? (lol I had to throw meat birds in there somewhere . . .)
just had to tell somebody!!!
Mrs. Mucket :

Absolutely gorgeous view! Congrats Katy!

thanks! by the look of your blog you are in about the same period of life as we are
I am also awaiting deed recording, which was supposed to happen yesterday... But now "should be" this Friday. I'm only buying slightly under two-thirds of an acre with a small house, but I am SO excited to be moving out of the city and up into the Sierra foothills. About 2000 feet elevation.

Congrats! I know EXACTLY how you feel!,,
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Somerset, California. Next to Fairplay and Mt. Aukum, all sharing the same Zip Code.

10 miles to the closest eatery open after 3 p.m. Less than a quarter of a mile from Gray's Market, which is a gas station "market" but REALY well stocked (and crowded) with every type of beer, some local wines, a pretty good collection of hard liquor and all the Slim Jims you would want.

I'm lovin' it. Can hardly wait to LIVE there.
AWESOME country lucky you! I have been doing the wait on pins and needles for something to go wrong for a week now so I know how you feel. I refused to get excited until it was recorded . . . now i can't stop jumping up and down! My husband thinks I've gone nuts

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