I just need a hug.


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Jun 7, 2010
Just feel really low and want to cry a lot for no reason!!!!!!! Bit daft really need a real good kick up the rear but sometimes I get these periods of time where I feel heavy and dark.

Dh has man flu and is feeling sorry for himself so he is kind of grumpy and wants hugs. (Which I don;t want from him or he will give me his flu!!! yuck!!!) The twins are as usual a bit of a pain and I am exhausted with them both. My eldest boy phoned tonight and I just miss him so much. But I can;t just go get in the car and race off to see him.... He has a life and a job and a partner and well not much room in there left I guess. Which is good as I wouldn;t want him tied to the old apron strings. My girl is a good help but well can;t depend too much on her these days as she has plans to move their family to the other coast come September. My friend I usually take a coffee with who - ( Used to be my boss) Is really caught up with church work and his wife one of my best girlfriends hasn't been very well at all this year. So the 4 of us have not been out together in ages and no outings for us girls like we used to have since she has been ill. Dh is watching some awful re-runs of something nasty on TV so I came up here to rant and hope someone might give me a hug to cheer me up>???

- I guess I am bored and tired and run down really.
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Aug 17, 2008
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I'm going to say you need a mug of cocoa with a shot of Irish (insert adult beverage name here, ending in 'iskey') in it...

Then feet up and take a nap with a book.

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