I just set my first batch of eggs!! Got first chicks!! pics pg3


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
Carleton Mi.
Well a month ago I let a broody do it. I gave her 4 eggs and now have 4 chicks.
That was easy she did all the work. Now it is my turn. My Hovabator 1588 with egg turner came via Fed Ex on Friday.
Since then I have been collecting eggs from my girls. Most of them will be Buff Orps, but a few will be a mix Buff Orp over BR and I even added a couple Serama and EE eggs to it for a total of 30 eggs. I have read over the direction at least 3 times. I let it warm up and now all the eggs are in. Here is hoping for a good first hatch.
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Well I just candled the eggs tonight. Most of them look good. Three had blood rings, and one had a blood ring and a tiny crack that is was leaking, yuck!
Two I have a question mark on and will candle again in a few days. So 24 good eggs for sure as long as they keep developing. Keep sending the good hatching vibes my way.

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