I just started. I love my chickens already!!


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Aug 8, 2020
Hello Fellow Chicken enthusiasts 🐣🐔. I’m a new chicken Momma. I have 2 white Leghorns who are about 12 weeks old. I hatched off some Rhode Island Red and Bantam mix Who are 4 weeks old. My little babies want me to hold them all the time. It was difficult to get them to sleep in their Brooder at night because they cheeped until I picked them up. (My Bad) They are getting better. One of the older ones has tried to attack my littles a few times. So I keep them separate for now. I will never be offended when someone gives me advice. I’m glad to be a part of your group.



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Sep 16, 2019
SW Georgia

I love White Leghorns! They are the best egg layers.

Oh no you spoiled them 🤣 I would have loved to spoil mine, but this year I’ve been having chicks back to back that I had no time to give them individual attention.

I just got a fresh batch of chicks & keets and this is my last so I hope to spoil them a little.

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