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    Jun 27, 2009
    I've just retuned from a chicken swap, empty handed, an I'm so disappointed! My entire family treked 2 hours to a swap hoping to add 4 new chicks to my 1 year old flock. Not a sole at the swap knew how to sex their chicks and the general "vibe" was just not good at all. It wasn't anything like other swaps I've been too. I'm in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. Is there anyone near me who has chicks for sale and who can sex their birds? HELP ME!!!!
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    Sep 26, 2008
    Good for you for trusting your instinct. How about ordering from a hatchery? Meyer hatchery in Ohio has a small order program with as few as 3 chicks and they have lots of different breeds. I know shipping is probably high for less chicks (I pick mine up so not sure how much it costs) but it might be worth it. Good luck!
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    Quote:if you want sexed day old chicks you will have to buy from a hatchery I don't know a single breeder who can or will vent sex chicks. Its also very difficult to sell all your female chicks when your a small time breeder what are they supposed to do with male chicks? I would say if you want sexed day old buy them from a hatchery or feed store.

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    Yes -- around here, unless you buy sexlink chicks, you get lower price for "straight run" -- the trick is to buy about 2 times as many as you want, because around 50% will be hens and 50% roos if you are buying from someone reputable. Last year I bought from someone that I did not know was buying hatchery leftovers -- got 14 roos out of 16 chicks... but that's not typical for small breeders. You can always ask the seller if they have a "rehoming program" for the roos in your straight run batch. Most of us will offer to take them back (not for a refund!) and find them homes.

    Anyway, if I was selling pullet chicks only, I'd have to sell them for twice as much as straight run.

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