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    i have 39 chickens and two roos ,i have two cages they are petty big ,sometimes i let them out so they can eat bugs and grass,i have a friend that her mother is sick so she is thinking to go to mexico for a couples months ,her husband and son will stay here,but they really dont care about chickens, she told me if i want all her chickens(16) but i noticed that she has all her chickens together and some are adult and some are young (maybe 2 0r 3 months old,and some of them are sick, so really dont want to put her chickens with mine because my chickens are very healthy,so i was thinking to build another cage for them because i really feel bad for the chickens ,my question is how far should i have to built the other cage so my chickens dont get sick i think her chickens have the flu i really dont know the name ,they can breath good . i really need some help
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    You dont want your healthy chickens anywhere near the sick birds. There are some diseases that are transmitted airborne (infectious bronchitis "IB" comes to mind and at a far distance.) Other diseases are transmitted via clothing, hands, shoes, bird to bird etc etc etc... odds are that your birds will get sick. Remember biosecurity.
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    I agree with Dawg--I would not bring those chickens to my home. Those chickens will infect your flock with chronic disease. Respiratory diseases in chickens do not go away--all birds in a flock remain carriers. Tell her to leave them with her husband ans son. I'm sure they will take care of them for her.
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    X3 don't get them! If you go to their house be careful you don't even bring any dander home on your clothes. You can even bring it home on the bottom of your shoes.
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    Thank you all for your answers , im gonna think sonething

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