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I've been going back and forth about keeping my rooster. Of course I would do anything to keep him. I've had him (and only him) for about 24 weeks now and he wasn't over a week or two old when I received him. He has been running around my backyard everyday since I've had him. I sit outside and watch him but now that it's getting colder to sit outside the whole day, I let him run around in my garage and yes it get messy but I clean it. I am literally with him 2/3 of my day if not more! The only time he stays in his box is 1) when he sleep or 2) when I'm at work or school. He has food and water in there with him. Now... Onto my concerns:

1) he seems very happy, shows no signs of aggression, looks healthy, acts normal (and silly of course :p) but I'm worried that I'm still doing something wrong. I feel bad when he has to be inside his box. He wants to be around me ALL the time and as do I. So when I can't be around him I feel bad. He's very attached and I can't help but feel that when he is in his box that he gets upset. Maybe it's just me overthinking but he has been my first priority since I got him. Let me know what you guys think about this...his overall happiness etc..

Ps- when he's in the box or garage alone, he won't show any signs of anxiety or discomfort he just cock-a-doodle-doos for a few minutes then goes on with his life.

2) if for some reason, I am convinced that it is better for him to go to a farm, then I would obviously take him because I want what's best for him. However, since he's so used to living here, the way he does, is it possible that he may become depressed or not know how to interact with other hens/roosters? Although it would be with good intentions, could sending him to the farm be a bad turnout? The last thing I want is to find out he died of whatever it may be.. I know chickens do not like change of environments.

PLEASE HELP, ALL ADVICE IS WELCOMED! I am at a loss of what to do :( I love him so much and only want what's best.
I'd keep him. You can house train him.
I've seen roosters that knew how to go to the bathroom in the toilet!
There are places that sell chicken diapers too! He doesn't sound depressed at all.
If you think it'd be better for him to go to a farm then I think he'll do fine there too.
He might not know how to act around other chickens and he might get picked on though.
Ahahha toilet trained! That would be great! And yes I've heard of chicken diapers, I was thinking of looking into that.

Thank you for your response! I'm happy to hear that I should keep him :) I've been hearing so much of the opposite from my family.
I had one single chicken once! She was my first chickens ever! I did end up sending her to a farm, but she was much younger then yours and so she wasn't so used to being by herself and stuff.
I would have kept her, but I didn't have any place to keep her.
Hope you can keep him!!!
Oh, please keep him if you're able to take care of him properly still!! I'm the same way basically, but I have Pekin duck named Luna! :D She's my baby (I even take her for rides with me when I go out sometimes too!
*that person*) But shes an indoor ducky I had her since she was a tiny duckling that fit in one hand. I had since May 2014 and she's all grown up now laying eggs :) BUT ANYWAY, I'm a college student so I go to class and work, and Luna pretty much has my schedule down pact. Shes always outside her cage when I am home following me around the house and she has a diaper harness (best investment ever so she doesn't poop everywhere) and she even snuggles in bed. But, because I had her from when she was so little she imprinted me as her mom (and loves my boyfriend too) so looks to me for attention and protection. I would never be able to give her up to a farm even though my parents thought I was dumb for getting one duck :p but they can live alone okay! As long as your little rooster has you he should be just fine alone for the times you aren't there. My Luna quacks a little too right when I put her back but I give her treats before I go and water and food to keep her occupied for a little then she usually relaxes or rests until I come in the door and hear her quacking a storm because she's so excited I am back home. I do often feel bad if I am gone too long and ask my boyfriend to go take her out a little, but even if he can't Luna never seems to bitter about it when I come home because she still greets me the same all excited :)
I do suggest taking him out daily though if you can let him roam outside, I need to take me Luna out everyday because she's a layer and when there was a period of rainy busy days we couldn't go out, she didn't lay eggs for a few days because she needs the vitamin D from the sun, but there are also supplements you can give you rooster if you'd like to keep him in all winter to keep him healthy. Also, his thick feathers should even keep him warm in the cold weather, I even seen some chickens in the snow. But me being so obsessed with my duck haha after shes splashes outside in her water for a while on these 50ish degree weather days, I then take her into the bathroom and she enjoys a nice light/low temp blow drying
she likes the warmth and then she'll fluff up and start drying off herself, she's goofy. Sorry this was so long! Haha but really, I'm sure if you give him up after all this time he'll miss you and there's chances he won't be able to adapt to independent farm life that easily if you raised him from a baby. That's a big problem with ducks, when people get ducklings and let them go in the wild they can't fend for themselves sometimes/forage for food to the best of their ability because they were cared for by humans.
Loveeeee your post!!! Ahh so heartwarming! :) I think that is so adorable maybe when I have my own house I'll get some duckies too! My boyfriend knows nothing comes between my rooster and I as well and thankfully he's just like me when it comes to animals! Thank you for your reply. Diapers seem like a pretty awesome idea at this point so I will probably invest in some soon now that winter is approaching. It seems as though I am going to keep my baby. I just can't/won't let him go. (As he's chasing his tail in front of me right now) I am lucky to have a nice roo like him and I would lose a lot if I got rid of him! Again thank you for all your posts, so much help! :)
I totally understand!:) and that's great I'm glad you can!!! :D it sounds like the bond between you guys is special and I'm sure your little guy wouldn't want to lose you after all this time either! Also, I recently ordered my ducky some shoes! They're mainly to help her feet heal from some little bumbles, but they're the closed toed version (vs open toed) so maybe if your roosters nails get too long or sharp that would let you be able to hold him more as well as provide comfort for him on constant hard surfaces being indoors, and they're washable! It's just a little neoprene flipper lock shoe that goes on them and I can't wait for it to come in the mail they're so funny looking (I got a cobalt blue color too, hope Luna likes that color haha!) but the diaper harness and the shoes are all custom made by people based off the size of your pet so I would totally suggest looking into it it's worth the investment over time! also, do you have a picture you can post of your rooster currently I'm so curious! My ducks full grown now and I miss her being a tiny baby so much haha she looked just like your little chick in your avi but with a bill which is funny!
So sorry for the late reply! Dropped my phone and it shattered :/ haha I imagine the shoes would look so adorable on her! I would love to see pictures of Luna as well (and more when she gets her shoes) haha. Here are some recent ones of yellow (my little cousin named him that as a baby for obvious reasons Lol!)




^lol right before he gets sleepy he closes one eye I laugh so hard


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