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  1. Things have been going wacko for the last few weeks. Wednesday was the worse! I got home from my appointment and my electric was cut off, even when I paid them $60 only a week ago. I figured paying some of it will help keep it on but guess not. I spoke to 2 of my best friends to help out with the situation regarding the kids. One of my friend lives about 45 minutes away, she decided to take Baby Lily for a little while until our power was back on and hubby is back to work (say maybe 2 weeks or so). As for my older kids, she wanted to take them too but they still had school which is way out of her area so another one of my best friends took the 2 since she lives in the area. Im missing my kids alot but I know it's for the best. I will see them on Thankgiving, which for the day they will be with me. I will still see the older kids everyday if I want since they are only down the street, I can walk to see them. We came up with almost enough to pay for the lights to go back on but it wasn't enough so Hubby's dad pitched in the last bit to cover the rest.

    Thing is...We still dont know if hubby still has his job or not. There was a mistake made by his boss. She thought he was not returning so she hired 2 others to take his place. He called her up and said he got the dr. permission to return to work. She was like [​IMG] OH NO! She asked him if he is able to go down south for a few weeks if she talks to the guy managing the south job sites into taking him. He accepted. Now we are waiting to hear back from her on rather he is leaving or not. Funny thing is...She asked him if I was due for the baby soon and he said no Im not due for another 2 months. WRONG! I told him Im only 2 to 4 weeks away from full term! Now it's hubby's turn to [​IMG] But that's okay, while he is gone my friend's daughter is staying with me until the baby is born.

    I really hope he gets this job, I don't care if he is 6 hours away. Yes I will miss him while he is gone but there is alot at stake here.

  2. debilorrah

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    You have really had a time of it lately. You remain in my prayers!!!! I really hope things start looking up for you guys soon!
  3. maplesky7

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    oh you poor sweet thing... this is a rough go but you all will get through this and soon everything will seem to be back to "normal."

    hugs and prayers,
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    Aug 29, 2008
    were you able to snag the kids since you got the power back on?

    when i had my 5th, we were in the same boat..dead broke, bills everywhere..and my husband got an offer to work in fairfield tx..i was devastated because he had to leave the next day if he wanted the contract so there i was with a brand new baby, husband gone, no family. the money was totally worth it though!

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    I'm not saying this to upset you, but maybe you need to take a hard look at your monthly bills and decide what you really need and what you want. The first things I would let go if I was having trouble paying my bills would be the internet, cable TV and our cell phones. You've obviously still got internet since you're posting on here and with in the last couple of weeks you were talking about finishing watching a movie on cable. I didn't have internet for a very long time because we couldn't afford it and we've never had cable or dish TV because we can't afford it. My cell phone would be really hard to give up but I would.
  6. agnes_day

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    Aug 29, 2008
    that is some good advice!
    didnt you say your mom pays your internet bill? maybe you could take her aside and ask if instead of the internet, she could assist with the main bills, like electric, water etc and you guys could try to pay the internet bill. i bet if you do that and ditch the cable that you would easily cover the bills. it would be awful if it got turned off again when your baby is due!
  7. tazcat70

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    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it.

    Not sure where you are but our cable bill was close to $100 a month. We switched to netflix with 3 dvds out at a time it is 18 bucks...much better.

    Hope your hubby gets the job!

  8. Mahonri

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    hang in there.
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    While I agree that cutting expenses and luxuries is a good idea, it is really hard for us to judge what is a luxury and what is a necessity for someone else's conditions. Cell phones, depending on the particular plan can be very expensive or very inexpensive. Internet can be super fast and expensive or slow dialup for not much. Etc.

    If I am not getting people mixed up, the OP has need of the internet due to her deafness and its ability to allow her to communicate with others, plus her mother pays that bill. My suggestion is to contact any utilities/mortgage/landlord/etc. to whom you are in arrears and try to work out in advance payment arrangements. Also, DH needs to stay in contact at least daily with his boss to find out his status. If he was on medical leave, his job may be protected.

    Oh, and DH owes you big time for goofing up on your due date--start thinking about how he is going to repay--diaper changing, meal cooking, etc.

  10. Quote:I don't pay the internet and the cable is already cut off. My mom is the one that pays the internet and phone (which is a combo package). She had that turned on for emergancies, for the phones. I have Video Phone and it requires internet to work, the phone line comes with the internet (DSL). I live out in the middle of no where and pregnant, my mom refuses to let me go without the phone or the internet, also based on the fact that Im alone 85% of the time.

    Hubby's cell phone is already cut off.
    My mom did give me money to pay parts of the electric bill. She gave me $60 and I put in $60 but we owed a lil over $400 and the electric company wasn't satified with $120.
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