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    Dec 6, 2010
    Is there any way to kickstart laying?

    My Lois has been laying for a week. Lovely eggs around 55-60g with a deep orange yolk. After waiting sooooo long and finally getting one of them laying, now I just want to get the others going! Lois and Eunice are RIRs nearly 9 months old - they were hatched in November - are they just late bloomers? I have two Black Australorps who are 19 weeks old and two pekins who should be starting their second season.. but nothing! It was the shortest day about 3 weeks ago I think and we are having nice sunny days with frosty starts. Is there any way to get their combs to grow and redden?

    This morning I caught Lois on her way to her hedge nest and put her back in the coop. she did her egg in the nest box so hopefully she will continue to lay them there now.

    Also, the man at the pet shop the other day when I was buying my layers pellets told me that BAs are a meat bird - and I would be lucky to get many eggs from them - this is not true is it? I heard that they are meant to be very good layers which is why I hatched that breed.

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    The man at the pet store doesn't know what he's talking about! BA's are a dual purpose breed and usually very reliable layers!

    As for kick-starting - no, you really just need to let nature take its course. The 9mo. RIR's should be laying by now but since it sounds like you are in the southern hemisphere, perhaps they are molting and will start when they're done with their molt? Are their combs red or pink?
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    Just give up and stop watching. Like a watched pot that never boils........most of my chicks didn't lay until 20-22 weeks and my EE, Wilma waited for 24 weeks. Stinker! I just went out one day to clean the coop and there it was...a lovely, wonderful, sweet brown egg. I almost fell over. I wasn't sure at first because I had put some fake ones in to help things along. We were SO excited that we called everyone, took pictures of it and blew it out to save the shell! I guess what I'm saying is, it will come when it comes.....don'tworry. That stuff about BA's isn't true either. Good luck![​IMG]
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    I think it is a BA that holds the record for the most eggs laid in a year. They are good layers. If it is winter where you are and the days are shorter you may want a light in the coop. I have mine on a timer that comes on at 4 AM and then off a little after sunrise. Keeps most of my ladies laying all winter. Even my BAs! Your Hens may have just hit laying age as the days really began to shorten and that could be why the delay with the RIRs.
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    Apr 24, 2011
    My girls are 21 weeks today and still no eggs!!! Two of them I have seen squatting when I go to pick them up. I just have to relax and wait but it is so hard!!!!! All their combs and waddles are red and have grown so much. I did put a golf ball in the nesting basket??? I will look again tomorrow and see if it started anything. Good luck!!

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