I know we have lots of native people on here but...

Do you mean Native American Indians??????

I love their stuff and crafts they make. Oh, the food, man, it is so wholesome particuarly the buffalo meals!
Yes as in Native American.
Here let me show you. I am the one in the blue I am a jingle dress dancer and my sister singing dove is a traditional dancer

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Wow, sorry I dont have Native American blood in me that I know of. A bunch of them did came from England to settle in the East coast of MD, MA, VA.
Sweeeet! Love to see regalia.Not to common in Ohio.It's sad really.I have some Native American background but not much talked about. I was told it wasn't "cool" to be Indian back before I was born. I missed out on the stories and passing of tradition. My family is from Kentucky,Virginia,and I know my great great Aunt lived in South Carolina on a reservation and was said Cherokee runs strong in our family.I know alittle about my heritage but not enough and have gone to powwows.I'm a mutt though so don't feel like I belong anywhere.LOL I have Scott Irish to and don't know much of that side either. I just say I'm an American.
P.S. I love Buffalo Burgers and mmmm fry bread with hunny!!! Yummy!

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