I leave the brooders without on a top on for five minutes and I find..


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Apr 16, 2011
Johnstown Pa
I have four brooders, 55 gallon rubber made containers. Three 10 week old chicks in each (i got behind on the coop:oops:) and 8 red sex links in the other one. They all free range during the daytime together. But every night i chase em down and put them to bed in the garage.... (thats a family funny home video in itself!!!) But i put all four brooders in the garage and but wood and chicken wire on top. I forgot to and i thought of it five minutes after i left and i went down in and one brooder had four chicks the opther had three and one had two, the brooder full of the red sex links had two out of 8 chicks in it..... So i went on a chicken hunt in my garage. For future reference. Chickens like to hold in all their poo until they relize you don't want them pooping on something.... They also found our front door steps today,
:lau Then one chick flew from the top of the stairs to about 3 inches away from my moms face!!! I herd her scream and I thought it was a dog bark!!!!
:gig:gig:gig My mom went manly for a second!! bahahahahaha om my he joy of keeping chickens = ]


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Mar 27, 2011

I have 11 one month old chicks and we go out side for playtime in a mesh - type 10x10 pen (so they can practice their ant hunting skills, etc). I used to be able to put them all in a cardboard box to transport them out to the pen safely (I have 2 BIRD dogs), but now as soon as I put on in the box, they fly out and perch on something! EVERY ONE OF THEM! So I have to put the dogs in the car and chase them down ONE BY ONE to put them back in the brooder. At least I know they fly enough to give them a chance against a predator! Its pretty funny though. I will have to remember the POO thing!


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Mar 28, 2011
Orrington, MAINE
HAHAHA! That is so true about the pooping thing! My three are the SAME WAY! I've never seen anything poop as much as a chicken anyhow. It's amazing. Looking forward to really nice compost next summer!

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