I lost Stewy!


6 Years
Mar 29, 2015
Hello everyone I have not visited in a while all of my chickens are doing great. Although I have a problem. I had two goats Stewie and peanut for ten years now I just lost Stewie of old age and now I'm left with peanut all alone. They say that you should have more than one goat because goats are hurt animals but I cannot get another goat and I don't want to get rid of peanut. Peter seems to be okay you don't seem to miss Stewie too much certainly not as much as I do. Is it okay if I keep paying it all alone although he does have the chicken any suggestions would be great thank you all


Free Ranging
Nov 3, 2021
Spring Lake, NC
We had a goat. They do like being with other goats. Chickens do help, but not nearly as much as goats. Our goat, when her companion was gone, she seemed fine. Except, after a few weeks, every time that we came back from somewhere, or after we might have played with her, and went inside, she would start screaming. Super loudly. Nonstop, for up to 30 minutes. But I hope he’ll be alright!

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