I LOVE THIS GAME! Fun game for Pre-Schoolers!

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  1. Last year's black Friday, hubby and I got a REALLY good deal on a PS2 with 5 games, a movie, and remote at Toys R Us for only $120.00
    The games included 3 preschool games that required a game mat (WHICH IS VERY VERY HARD TO FIND!).
    It took us several months to finally find the game mat we needed for the kids to play.
    I have to share this with other parents, it's so much fun to play! and it's EDUCATIONAL!

    Konami Kids Playground for age 2 to 5. We have all 4 games. Toy pals with numbers, Alphabet Circus, Frogger Hop, Skip & Jummpin' Fun, and Dinosaurs Shape and Colors.

    I have my older kids back just today and the first thing my son asked was to play on his PS2 (yes the PS2 is HIS, we use it for some of our games but it's HIS!) So I hooked up the PS2 to my TV in my bedroom and let them play. They are having a blast! Jumping around on the mat, following the games and such and they are learning as they go. My daugther just came to me and said RED! and pointed to numbers of stuff that was red then she went on BLue then went for Yellow.
    My son is having a hard time with his ABCs, keeps getting them mixed up a lil bit, and finally today after playing Alphabet Circus for 15 minutes, he came up to me and said his ABCs PERFECTLY!

    Hubby and I also enjoy playing the games with them. It's fun not only for kids but for the whole family.

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