I lvoe my new job, but some calls are just depressing


11 Years
May 8, 2008
I work for a large corporation that handles other business's call centers. My current training etc is handing individual health insurance sales, for a large health ins company. Massachusetts has "mandated" health insurance. Meaning EVERY resident must carry health insurance. Whether employed or not. And in this economy many are not. Anyway...
Yesterday I had a call back on a woman needing info on rates. She opened the call with
"My husband is going to be loosing his job the end of March" My heart fell.
Then she adds "We have two kids, one has to see his oncologist" more sinking.
"I cant work because my son has so many appts" Now I am beginning to hurt inside.
"I went on your website and found the S Plan, we could still work with that amount after our mortgage...." killing me.

I checked the "cheap" plan to see if her sons oncologist accepted it. Knowing it wasnt going to, since it is a very limited doctor network. Only plans we had that did have her doctors, and her sons doctors were the more expensive ones.
Over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH! And sadly.. that is right on mark with the other carriers.

The silence on the other end of the line was so disheartening. When she finally spoke all she said was "How can we do this on unemployment? We were hoping it would be cheaper than COBRA."

So.. to those that think we dont need health care reform. I say bull.
The shock I hear. The anger I hear. The sadness... is awful. Mandated health care would be fine if the economy was strong and people were working and could afford this. But people can't. Unemployed people can't. People that are barely making it and loose their jobs. Can't. Hmmm pay mortgage or buy health care? Roof over heads or health care? Roof darnit.

Something needs to change.
I am glad you have a very sympathic ear....I wish there is more to it but we are at the mercy of the government.

I do not see how everyone pays a portion if it does become effective and still get the same kind of healthcare we are getting....would we change doctors? I sure hope NOT!

Its scarey!
Hard job, but hang in there. Do your best to help, it sounds like you are a very empathic and sympathetic person.

I am on DH's health insurance through his employer. For me alone it is $4500.00 a year in premiums. The Catch-22? It's a $2000.00 deductible and we don't have that. Meanwhile, I have a hip that I can barely walk on, and it's never been seen by any doctor. I ran out of work last year, nothing since then. Especially for a middle-aged woman who can't walk very well.

So I am about to cancel it, because we need the money to keep the house. I come from a family with a serious cancer background, but right now? We can't afford for me to get sick, and we can't afford for me to stay well either!

I can't say that Health Care Reform is the answer either. It has such vague descriptions and is in the hands of politicians- pretty scary, eh?
what i dont understand is that if hospitals and everyone want to save money...get rid of the practice of charging 8 dollars for a tylenol or 900 for a bag of saline, things like that..i bet if they disposed of all of that, there would be tons of money saved right there. i still dont see how they get away with that.
Like I always say, be very careful what you post online. If she ever found this she could probably sue you for an invasion of privacy.
With that said, this will probably not be the last call like that. Im so sorry its going to be tough for you
But, you are lucky you are a fortunate one
Found this related to your topic -

Starting Monday, the jobless will no longer be able to apply for federal unemployment benefits or the COBRA health insurance subsidy.

With the Senate not in a position to vote on the extensions until next Tuesday at the earliest, senators and their staffs scrambled to determine the practical implication of letting the programs lapse -- even if for just a few days.

In addition to funding unemployment insurance and the COBRA health insurance program for people who have lost their jobs, the bill would have prevented a scheduled 21 percent cut in Medicare payments to doctors.

Those cuts will technically go into place when doctors' offices open Monday. But because there is a two-week delay processing Medicare payments, a short-term lapse of the program is unlikely to affect payments, according to experts in the medical community and a Senate Finance Committee aide contacted by CNN.

My 2 cents....

Get rid of the insurance companies, they just drive the prices up.
Stop catering to the pharmeceutical companies; there is no reason on God's green Earth that someone's prescription meds should cost what they do all because of some patent...
Get rid of the penny pinchers who dictate 'one mold fits all' approach to medical treatments

What we need is an approach to medicine that heals both mind and body, and focuses on prevention not just treatment. A combination of both Eastern and Western philosophies, and the PATIENT'S choice to follow whatever treatment options they would like to pursue.

Is having our corrupt government running our health care a good option? Not for me but I really do not have any ideas on that, unless they get an open-minded physician to run the program or head a panel of physicians/midwives/herbalists/nurses/chiropractors/massage therapists/accupuncturists/ect..........

Frankly we need a revolution and throw those idiots in Washington a big YOU'RE FIRED!!!!! I would LOVE to see them live like the majority of this counrty does...... paycheck to paycheck and bills so steep most can't pay them off.....


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