I made a mistake. I left my chickens alone for a short while when i gave them a treat that was tied


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Jun 3, 2013
Los Angeles
Left them alone for a while and then had already finished off all the leaves on the veges and still a bundle of the stems left. Went to cook and after i came back the string, the bundle of vege stems were gone. What should i do????? Obviously one out of 9 chickens swallowed it. Will she be okay? What should i do.

ft long string that was a half cm thick.

it looked like this, but this picture is scaled down a bunch.
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Read this:

Her girl lost her tongue because of string. They sell cages for treats that will hang, they are pretty cheap I suggest to buy one. Keep a lookout for what you read in that link as it is a possible problem that can come up. If it does, you can save it before it is lost.

woowooww THATS so friggin intense....yeah i was thinking on buying one of those, didnt really think id need one though. Although this time for sure Ill be needing one haha no moer strings..

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