I made a scale model of my Hobbit-Themed Chicken Coop


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Thank you! I was a theater major once upon a time and learned the basics of modeling for a set design class. I always loved it and was happy for the excuse to break out the foam core and exacto knives again!!
Ha, I knew it - it shows! I've done a little set design myself, although my profession and degrees are (mostly) in illustration. Kindred soul here.
This exercise was as much about figuring out my construction methods as much as making something aesthetically pleasing - this is going to be a woodworking project that really stretches me and my husband. I found the model to be extremely helpful to work through construction details from framing to how the heck to hinge that hidden egg door in a round frame.
While I am fairly handy with actual construction, I would be intimidated by all the arcs you guys are going to have to cut. I'll be following with interest.


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My Coop
My Coop
Because of the pergola style roof with open eaves at front and back (covered with hardware cloth of course) there should be something like 10sq ft of venting at the roof line. Do you think that will be enough? I’ve heard the rule is 1foot per bird?
I would still think about maybe some sort of panel(s) that you could open up for summer, and close in the cold of winter. Could be as simple as a top hinge panel with hardware cloth underneath that can be propped open with a stick.

Been a long time since I lived in the Chicago area, but it was hot and humid back then, and can't imagine it's any better now. So although 10 sq ft of ventilation is fantastic, in hotter summer areas, having more options is even better.
Oct 9, 2021
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I'm new to chickens so don't have the experience to give feedback, but just wanted to comment on how adorable your plans are! Also, stoked to see another urban chicken-keeper here (I'm in Oakland, CA). I'm building an 8 x 10 coop for my four girls right now and it's taking up almost half of my yard, so chicken math can't get too out of hand. Elevating the henhouse to at least two feet to give them usable space underneath is one consideration you may want to make?

Apologies but I can't resist...what is that, a coop for ants?

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